CubeSat Projects Day HighlightGreat work by Cadets Orlando Sullivan, Esther Roman, Thomas Bordeaux, Ryan Farris, and Cara Shattan, and their advisors MAJ John Hutton and CPT Jason Eckstein! Current CubeSat platforms are either developed in-house by space engineering experts and with leadership of graduate students or by using expensive, closed-source proprietary commercial systems. The goal of the Black Knight CubeSat project is to develop a low-cost, rapidly deployable, versatile 3U CubeSat system bus that can support a range of scientific and military payloads. This is achieved by using low-cost commodity hardware not traditionally deployed in a space environment. The Black Knight CubeSat project is currently developing a system bus designed around the use of a Raspberry Pi 3 Compute Module as the flight computer. This single board computer is versatile, low cost, and has demonstrated encouraging survivability when exposed to various forms of radiation found in Low Earth Orbit. This platform has been considered worth investigating by both NASA and the US Army Space and Missile Defense Command.

Photo: Dr. Rachel Sondheimer, the Vice Dean for Academic Affairs, congratulates the Black Knight CubeSat team on their wonderful project

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