Glee Club Performs for the Chinese Defense Secretary

Glee Club Performs for the Chinese Defense SecretaryIn November, West Point Glee Club (WPGC) was honored to appear at Mount Vernon by request of the Secretary of Defense. WPGC presented a surprise after-dinner performance in front of the historic site for the Chinese Defense Secretary and his delegation on the eve of joint U.S. - China talks hosted by Secretary Mattis. COL John Gregory of West Point's Department of Foreign Languages introduced the Glee Club and gave a brief history of West Point in Mandarin to the delegation. Glee Club Cadets Yusen Zheng and Paul Tan also addressed the delegation in Mandarin to acquaint them with Academy traditions and the ethos of Duty, Honor, Country. The U.S. Marine Corps Silent Drill Platoon's impressive presentation completed the evening's inspiring entertainment. An honor and a life-long memory.

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