Feinstein's Findings: Leaving a LegacyAs Joe Beckerle and I were wrapping up our final halftime hit of the season Saturday on the Army Radio Network, I said to Joe, "Think back to the opening night of the season. What would you have said to me after that game if I'd have told you Army was going to finish 11 and 2?"

Joe laughed. "I'd have said, 'there's always hope.'"

Most people wouldn't have been so kind. They would probably have suggested I look at the tape of the Duke game—a 34-14 thrashing—and re-think my position. Sixteen weeks later, that insane hope became emphatic reality.

It wasn't just that Army won a bowl game for a third-straight season or set an all-time record with its 11th victory of the season; it did so in a manner so thorough and so dominating it had to leave people around the country shaking their heads in amazement. Army didn't beat an FCS team 70-14, it beat the University of Houston—a team ranked in the top 25 earlier this season; a team with a number of players who will play in the NFL; a team considered a College Football Playoff contender in the recent past—70-14. That's not a typo. That was the final score. And it easily could have been worse. Full Story »

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