"Margins to Mainstream" Cadets Visit NYCCadets enrolled in: From the Margins to Mainstream (Society and Culture in American History) went on a trip section to New York City to see and talk about subjects discussed in class. Cadets have been learning about how historically marginal ideas and groups became incorporated into mainstream American society. On this trip, West Point Department of History faculty, MAJ Ben Flores and Dr. Laura Hooton, guided cadets to sites related to the counterculture of the 1950s and 1960s, the LGBT community, immigrant communities, and the Harlem Renaissance. For the experience, cadets trekked across New York City walking from Greenwich Village, through Soho and Little Italy, to Chinatown, and taking the subway up to The National Jazz Museum in Harlem. Along the way the group had several insightful discussions about the nature of these sites, how they related to themes discusses throughout the course, and why they are important to contemporary American society and culture. Overall, cadets gained a greater understanding of how and why marginal groups and ideas made it into the mainstream and the important role New York City played in that process.

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