CDT Kate Sanborn '20Heading into her first marathon Cadet Kate Sanborn '20 had heard all about the wall, the moment in the middle of the race when physically and mentally you simply break. Standing at the starting line facing down the course, Sanborn didn't know how her body would react. A marathon stretches 26.2 miles from start to finish and despite the hundreds of miles of training Sanborn put in preparing for the race, the longest she had ever run at one time was 21 miles. Each day of training had been meticulously tracked in her notebook, every day of double runs and the weeks where she ran 77 miles as she laid down a base of endurance.

In November at the Richmond Marathon it was time to see if those miles and hours spent training would pay off. If the wall came, she was determined to push past it and cross the finish line. "That was the one thing I was unsure of. How was my body going to handle it and how was I going to react mentally?" Sanborn said. "The day of, I showed up at the line and was like, ‘what happens, happens.' If I just take a carefree attack at it, then nothing can really hurt me. If I hit the wall, then I hit the wall. I know that I am going to finish whether that is walking and jogging. I am going to cross the line." Read More

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