Hillel-Kosher Troops Care Package PackingSix cadets traveled to the Kosher Troops charity organization in Airmont, NY to help pack care packages for deployed Soldiers. Upon arrival, all were cheerfully greeted, introduced, in-briefed, and immediately put to work. Each cadet significantly contributed to care packages designed for individual Soldiers as well as packages for families, small units, and entire congregations of up to 50 people. All worked for four solid hours alongside other volunteers. The Cadets did a good job of interacting with Rockland County volunteers, answering questions, 'telling the Army story,' and learning a bit about the logistics of sending supplies to forward deployed troops. Care packages were bound for places such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Italy, UK, Germany, Kuwait, Korea, and other locations. Overall, Kosher Troops sends more than 150 packages to more than 70 locations.

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