Feinstein Findings: Outright CIC ChampionsNOW, the script has truly been flipped.

In all the buildup to the 119th version of college football's best and most storied rivalry, the theme was this: Army is 9-2 and Navy is 3-9. Army has won two Army-Navy games in a row after LOSING 14 in a row. The script has been flipped. Allegedly.

One person who didn't want to hear any of that was Jeff Monken. Having coached in this game 10 times prior to Saturday—six times as a Navy assistant coach, four times as Army's head coach—Monken knew better than to think 9-2 and 3-9 were going to mean a thing once the teams kicked off inside Lincoln Financial Field on Saturday afternoon.

"The thing I'm proudest of," he told his players when the annual long day's journey into night finally ended with Army on top 17-10, "Is that you didn't listen to all that talk about how we were 9-2 and they were…whatever. You came in here and you fought on every play and you kept your pedal to the metal for four quarters because that's what you NEEDED to do to win this game. That's what's always needed in this game."

That was a perfect description of this game. Army was the better team for most of the day and, at times, it looked as if it might blow the game open. It never happened. It rarely does when these two teams play. Read More

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