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  • Boxing, Getting it Done

    Feb 25, 2019

    Boxing, Getting it DoneThe West Point men's boxing team boxed in the Western New England (WNE) Gold Gloves semi-final competition. The men advancing onto the finals are: CDTs Porras, Shephard, Farrow-Maynie, Manning, Lewis, Toese, Ivey and Ahoua. The boxing team traveled to PSU for a consolation bracket for the Western New England Golden Gloves competition. Winners of the event include CDTs Isaiah Queen, Donovan Velez, and Adrin Albin. CDTs Corrine Kurz, Julianna Fustola and Joshua Riddick lost close decisions. The boxing team competed in the final round of the Western New England Golden Gloves in Hartford, CT. The men's team saw CDT Joshua Lewis win his division. CDT Lawrence Shepherd was awarded for the "Fight of the Night".

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