Women's Team Handball at the Northeast TournamentThe Army Women's Team Handball traveled to Boston, MA to play in a Northeast Team Handball League tournament hosted by the Boston Team Handball club.

On the way to the tournament, the team stopped at the Old North Bridge at the Concord Battlefield. On April 18, 1775, the very beginning of the Revolutionary War, 300 British troops marched out from Boston (preceded by Paul Revere) to destroy weapons caches at Lexington and Concord. At the North Bridge they met with almost 400 colonial militiamen (the Minute Men) who took the high ground and exchanged volleys with the British troops until the British retreated back to Boston while the Minute Men harassed them along the line of retreat. The first American colonial victory of the Revolutionary War.

The team then played club teams from Boston and New York, with Black and Gold both playing two games. Gold continues to improve while they worked on synchronizing their defense and learning various offensive plays. Black fought hard against Boston, leading through most of the game but then fell behind in the last four minutes losing by four points. The last game of the day was Black playing again New York, a very tough team to beat each year. An exciting game that saw the lead traded back and forth throughout and ending in a 21-point tie!

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