Nordic Skiing at Regionals in Vermont

Mar 26, 2019

Nordic Skiing at Regionals in VermontNordic Skiing traveled to Jericho, VT recently for the Regionals. Saturday's events were Classic Sprint Relay races. In the women's race, CDT Caroline Homer joined a team that included skiers from UVM and Wellesley and placed 7th with a time of 49:06, while CDT Dorothy Dennis joined two Skidmore skier and finished at position 13 with a time of 54:24. In the men's event, CDTs Lucas Purdy, Michael Hall, and Tyler Stansbury closed out the field with a finish time of 54:37. On Sunday, in the 15k Skate races, CDT Homer placed 24th with a time of 59:15, and CDT Dennis closed out the field with a time of 1:29:36, finishing in 44th place. In the men's event, CDT Hall lead the West Point skiers with a 38th place finish (54:59), with CDT Purdy finishing in 50th place (1:19:31) and CDTs Stansbury and Spencer closing out the field with times of 1:21:15 and 1:41:25, respectively. The men's team placed 6th in Eastern Regionals for the U.S. Cross-Country Ski Association (USCSA) and advanced to the Nationals. CDT Homer qualified for Nationals as an individual female skier (since USMA did not have a full female team this season.)

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