Nordic Skiing at Regionals in VermontNordic Skiing traveled to Jericho, VT recently for the Regionals. Saturday's events were Classic Sprint Relay races. In the women's race, CDT Caroline Homer joined a team that included skiers from UVM and Wellesley and placed 7th with a time of 49:06, while CDT Dorothy Dennis joined two Skidmore skier and finished at position 13 with a time of 54:24. In the men's event, CDTs Lucas Purdy, Michael Hall, and Tyler Stansbury closed out the field with a finish time of 54:37. On Sunday, in the 15k Skate races, CDT Homer placed 24th with a time of 59:15, and CDT Dennis closed out the field with a time of 1:29:36, finishing in 44th place. In the men's event, CDT Hall lead the West Point skiers with a 38th place finish (54:59), with CDT Purdy finishing in 50th place (1:19:31) and CDTs Stansbury and Spencer closing out the field with times of 1:21:15 and 1:41:25, respectively. The men's team placed 6th in Eastern Regionals for the U.S. Cross-Country Ski Association (USCSA) and advanced to the Nationals. CDT Homer qualified for Nationals as an individual female skier (since USMA did not have a full female team this season.)

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