Cadets Storm Ashore on Omaha BeachAs part of the West Point Department of History Normandy Staff Ride, cadets "stormed ashore" in the Fox Green sector of Omaha Beach at a similar tide to the men of the 16th Regimental Combat Team on June 6, 1944. Participating in this exercise enabled cadets to understand and empathize with the difficulties faced by the 1st Infantry Division on D-Day. Reflecting on his experience during the trip, CDT Jake Stachurski '20, states "I firmly believe that education should take place in and out of an academic setting, and this staff ride provided me a chance to learn something more than just words on a page. I could see those words jump off the page; the maps came to life as I walked the beaches and listened to the stands given by my colleagues. This experience taught me so much more than a lecture ever could."

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