Cadets in Washington DC Learn About PolicymakingCadets of the Domestic Affairs Forum traveled to Washington, DC to learn about the American policymaking process and civil-military relations from staffers on Capitol Hill and at the Pentagon. Cadets toured the Capitol building, including the floor of the House of Representatives and the Speaker's balcony. They met with Sean O'Keefe, a Professional Staff Member for the Senate Armed Services Committee, and Will Goodwin '15, Military Legislative Assistant for Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, to discuss the authorizations process, the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), life as a congressional staffer, and their career paths. They traveled to the Pentagon and met with several former faculty members now serving in various offices, including those of the Secretary of the Army, the Under Secretary of the Army, the Director of the Army Staff. Discussions included civil-military relations, the Army budgeting process, the Army Renaissance according to Secretary of the Army Mark Esper, global integration, and how to build relationships and be successful in a work environment like the Pentagon.

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