SOSH Faculty Presenting at the ISA Annual Convention

SOSH Faculty Presenting at the ISA Annual ConventionCPT Kyle Wolfley traveled to Toronto with other faculty from SOSH to present a research paper at the 2019 International Studies Association Annual Convention. His paper entitled "Military Statecraft and the Use of Multinational Exercises in World Politics" seeks to illuminate the changing use of military power over the last few decades and more specifically answer why the number of multinational military exercises increased significantly after the Cold War. Using statistics of over 1,000 multinational exercises from 1980-2016, his results reveal that major powers such as the US, China, and Russia used exercises as a means to manage the uncertainty wrought by ambiguous non-state threats. However, in today’s complex and competitive environment, major powers are increasingly using military training to hedge against one another, which is why a better understanding of exercises as a foreign policy tool will help scholars and practitioners alike understand the changing role of military power.

Also, Dr. Max Margulies presented his research on "The Puzzling Persistence of Male-only Conscription." This paper examines why states with strong records of gender-equality in other domains continue to conscript only men. It provides important insights on the relationship between the state, military service, and citizenship at a time when more and more countries are debating re-instituting conscription and opportunities for women in the armed forces."

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