Aside from serving as superintendent, GEN George Cullum (1833) was instrumental in the development of a system to track all grads, extremely generous to his alma mater and an important part of WPAOG history.  Let us all honor Cullum’s contributions to the Academy by including him in our travels and events in 2019. A hard copy of Flat Cullum can be found on page 13 in the spring edition of the West Point magazine or download it here.  Share your stories and photos on social media using #flatcullum and #wpaog150.  If social media is not your method of communication, emailing us your photo for inclusion in our online photo album.   
Gen Cullum began recording the biographies of every graduate in 1850.  Each grad has a Cullum number and a way to reach back across the years thanks to Cullum.  His legacy continues today.  Read More about GEN Cullum.

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