Cycling Divided and ConqueredEight Army riders traveled to Hanover, NH and Middlebury, VT for a total of three races, and the remaining racers crushed the field at Coxsackie, NY. Hanover: Men’s D, Matt Cohane 1st; Women’s A, Liz Huuki, 1st; Men’s B, Rowan Crowley, 6th; Men’s C, Kyle Herschberger, 6th, and Brian Brady, 10th. Middlebury: Women’s A, Liz Huuki, 4th; Men’s B, Rowan Crowley, 8th; Men’s C, Kyle Herschberger 7th and Ro-wan Crowley 9th. Coxsackie: Aidan Doyle, 4th, Jake Bueno, 5th, Keller Balsam, 5th.

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