Mona Yacoubian Speaks with International Affairs Cadets

Mona Yacoubian Speaks with International Affairs CadetsMona Yacoubian from the U.S. Institute of Peace spoke with cadets from the International Affairs Forum about the civil war in Syria. Students from the courses on Conflict and Settlement and State Building also attended. Ms. Yacoubian provided the audience with a brief history of the war, incorporating concepts from both courses. She shared her worry that this war has the potential to unravel the liberal world order and that the most disturbing features of this civil war may become the norm in future civil wars such as the competitive involvement of great powers, the use of chemical weapons, and the generally high level of destructiveness. She also shared her concerns about U.S. strategy as the administration considers reducing U.S. military commitments to Syria. During her visit, Ms. Yacoubian also had the opportunity to visit with West Point’s Combatting Terrorism Center to share some of the findings from her ongoing work with the Congressional Syria Study Group.

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