Theatre Arts Guild and Gospel Choir Cadets Visit NYC

May 16, 2019

Theatre Arts Guild and Gospel Choir Cadets Visit NYCTheatre Arts Guild and Gospel Choir Cadets joined together for a day of culture in New York City. In the afternoon, Cadets saw Hamilton on Broadway meeting some of the cast, and stage crew learning how they reset the stage on a 2-show day. Cadets Aloma and Shala got a treat by handling the pistols from the duel scene and recreated the Burr/Hamilton duel on the stage. That same evening, Cadets journeyed further downtown to see White Noise, an off-Broadway production at the famous Public Theater. The show is towards the end of its sold out run. At the show, a cadet (who is from Kosovo) happened to see her Ambassador also attending the show. The Ambassador procured a meeting with the cast. They spoke with actors Daveed Diggs, Thomas Sadoski, and Sheria Irving.

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