WPS of Fort Bragg-sandhills Hosts Rising FirstiesThe West Point Society Fort Bragg-Sandhills was honored to host the Army West Point Football Team's rising Firsties recently. They were at Fort Bragg for CTLT and accepted an invitation for a reception at Society president Mike and Nancy Karama 's home.

Here is what Mike had to say about the visit:

"Bottom line: these young men displayed precisely the qualities every Heart in Gray hopes their Army Team players would have: gentlemanliness, brains, school spirit, professional bearing … and good ol' American patriotism. We asked the same questions you would have asked, then stood back and relished the answers. How do you fit summer football into CTLT? Two daily strength sessions (early and late), a team run, and a full day of work with airborne units in between. What's next season look like, and what about … Michigan? Tough; but did you see the Oklahoma game? [Grins all around.] We're looking forward to it! Opponents ever ask how you handle academics, military, AND football? [Sideways glances, suppressed smiles] Hardly. Last season, one defensive line did snarl a wish that we'd all deploy and disappear. We just grinned and added another touchdown."

"Army Football's new Head Strength Coach, Conor Hughes, accompanied the team. How do you like the job? "I'd be happy to spend the rest of my career with these young men. And yes, quote me!""

"It was 't just one-sided Q&A, however. All evening, one could see small knots of large youngsters surrounding [much] smaller old grads. Our Society includes veterans of some interesting organizations, a fact not lost on these cadets. Their career questions for us were intelligent, their listening intense. You would have been as proud of them as we were. Next time you hear the term "America's Team," just smile and know that The Long Gray Line's football team has earned that title in many more ways than one."

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