Talented and dedicated volunteer leadership is critical to WPAOG’s success in serving West Point and the Long Gray Line. WPAOG Directors are fiduciaries, and they are responsible for the oversight and the guidance of our Association’s services, programs, and operations. The Advisory Council advises the Board of Directors on matters pertaining to the Association’s affairs. Advisors also serve on WPAOG committees and task forces.

The 2019 Nominating Committee shall consider submitted nomination packets and compose a slate for recommendation to the Membership at the Annual Election. The slate shall include one nominee for Board Chair (for a two-year term), one nominee for Board Vice Chair (for a two-year term), five nominees for five Director positions (each with a three-year term), and six nominees for six Advisor-at-Large positions (each with a three-year term). All terms shall begin on January 1, 2020. The 2019 Election will take place at our Annual Meeting, Tuesday, November 19, 2019, at 5:00pm Eastern Time, in Herbert Alumni Center at West Point. All USMA graduates may vote at the Annual Meeting, or vote by proxy, which will be distributed in October.

Please note that nomination packets must include a nomination letter signed by a USMA graduate other than the graduate seeking a nomination. Detailed information on the nomination process is on the WPAOG website. For assistance, you may also contact our Association’s Administrative Officer, Christine Richardson or call 845.446.1519.


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