Cultural Narratives and Civil-Military Operations AIAD

Cultural Narratives and Civil-Military Operations AIADAs part of the Cultural Narratives and Civil-Military Operations Academic Individual Advanced Development (AIAD), Cadets Zoe Contogonas, Monica Seamon, and Amanda Southard completed the Multinational Civilian Military Cooperation (MN CIMIC) Course in Motta di Livenza Italy. The cadets worked alongside officers and NCOs from Greece, France, Italy, Belgium, Norway, Canada, Czech Republic, and Slovenia, as well as three U.S. Civil Affairs personnel.

The training included role playing at a UN Stakeholder meeting, engaging in practice Key Leader meetings within Motta di Livenza, and working on CIMIC-specific reports designed to connect NGOs, Military, and local civilian personnel with the resources needed to help stabilize the exercise scenario. While the exercise itself was valuable in learning how to build rapport in host nations, the conversations had, and friendships made, with their fellow trainees was invaluable to the cadets’ larger understanding of the U.S. Army’s partners around the world.

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