Dr. Kashinski at the 50th Annual APS-DAMOPDr. David O. Kashinski (D/PNE) attended the 50th annual meeting of the American Physics Society’s Division of Atomic Molecular and Optical Physics (APS-DAMOP) in Milwaukee, WI. Dr. Kashinski presented three peer-reviewed posters summarizing progress made in two collaborative research projects as well as the new “Experimental Methods” course piloted in AY2019-2. The project titled “DFT Calculation of the Renner Coefficient for the Renner-Teller Splitting in the NCO radical: Assessing the accuracy of functional families and basis sets” is a part of an on-going collaboration with ARL-WMRD. CDTs M. G. Suarez, 2LT C. C. Stephens and Dr. E.F.C. Byrd (ARL-WMRD) are co-authors on this collaboration.

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