CDT Lauffer '21 Keynote Address at "Sketches of Courage"

Jun 21, 2019

CDT Lauffer '21 Keynote Address at "Sketches of Courage"Kat Lauffer ‘21 gave the keynote address for the Siegelbaum “Sketches of Courage” Literary and Arts Competition. The award ceremony, honoring the middle school and high school winners of a competition designed to celebrate Holocaust resisters, survivors, and upstanders, took place at the Rockland Holocaust Museum and Center for Tolerance and Education at Rockland Community College. The ceremony was attended by over 50 people from the tri-state area. Kat made a graphic novel on the Polish resistance figure, Witold Pilecki, who, in 1941, volunteered to be arrested by the Nazis to gain intelligence and organize resistance in Auschwitz.

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