WPS of Hampton Roads Picnic & Meet and GreetThe West Point Society of Hampton Roads hosted an Army 244th Birthday Party Picnic / West Point Class of 2023 Meet and Greet at Harbor Park in Norfolk, Virginia on June 16. Seven Hampton Roads incoming cadet candidates were invited and four attended the event. The weather was perfect and to top it off, the home team won 1-0 to end a three-game losing streak.

Society President Rich Naigle ’77 welcomed attendees to the event and introduced the cadets to attendees when the event kicked off. Attendees ate lunch before the ceremony to celebrate the 244th Birthday of the United States Army.

Les Kayanan ’77 (pictured with the Army cake and saber) traveled from Williamsburg to participate. The honor of cutting the cake was granted to the grayest grad present, John Gately ’73. John invited the greenest graduate present, Elizabeth VanVelzen ’99, to share the cake-cutting honor. Society Treasurer, Joy Gibbon ’83, presented scholarship checks to the parents after the cake-cutting.

The Norfolk Tides invited the incoming cadet candidates onto the field to be recognized. The Norfolk Tides fans gave a standing ovation to those present for on-field recognition: Isabelle Fontana, William Oudekerk and Thomas Hale and acknowledging those that could not attend.

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