The West Point Society of Hampton Roads celebrated Founders Day at the Chamberlin ballroom at Fort Monroe in Hampton, Virginia. Society Past President Bob Alexander '68 served as the Master of Ceremonies for the event MG Lew Irwin '86, Commandant of the Joint Forces Staff College, Norfolk, VA served as our guest speaker for the event. The Grayest Graduate was John Shuford '65, and the Greenest Graduate was CPT Eric Reder '13.

The event with an invocation, toasts, and a toast to absent comrades. John Shuford '65 spoke about what it was like to be a cadet as a Corps Squad athlete and the challenges he faced as an incoming cadet hailing from a small town in the Carolinas. CPT Eric Reder '13, followed suite with a poem about his time as a cadet and how West Point has both changed and remained the same. Both speakers were both provided some laughs and insightful thoughts about the Academy.

MG Irwin provided an update on his perspective on how new graduates can have impact at the strategic level and how new challenges in cyber, space and social media have an influence on the force today. All departed the event a bit prouder to be West Pointers.

Left to Right – Society President - Rich Naigle '77, Grayest Graduate - John Shuford '65, Greenest Graduate - CPT Eric Reder '13, Guest Speaker - MG Lew Irwin '86, and Past President - Bob Alexander '68

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