Operation Market-Garden Staff Ride at the Arnhem Bridge

Operation Market-Garden Staff Ride at the Arnhem BridgeCadets on the Operation Market-Garden Staff Ride traveled to Arnhem to analyze the actions of the British 1st Airborne Division from September 17-20, 1944. Following the route of British forces from their drop zones into Arnhem, cadets experienced firsthand the influence of natural and urban terrain on the conduct of the fighting around Arnhem. Through various briefs concerning the fighting in and around Arnhem, cadets examined the role of present or absent leadership, firepower, and small unit initiative in these actions. The day ended at the Arnhem bridge, where cadets discussed the seizure of the north end of the Arnhem bridge by COL John Frost’s 2nd Parachute Battalion and why German attempts to dislodge these forces from around the bridge eventually succeeded despite a stubborn British defense.

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