R-Day 2019The Class of 2023 has arrived. More than 1,200 cadet candidates reported to the United States Military Academy on R-Day and began their transition from civilians to members of the Corps of Cadets, the Profession of Arms, and the Long Gray Line. View Photos on Flickr.

The day began at Eisenhower Hall, where groups of cadet candidates and their family members entered the auditorium for the welcome brief and the famous "60-second goodbye." After a perfectly timed minute, parents were "invited" to follow the green arrows up the aisles to an information center or to the WPAOG reception breakfast, hosted by the Class of 1973, the 50-Year Affiliation Class for the Class of 2023. Cadet candidates, however, were "instructed" to follow the pink arrows to the wall of the auditorium, lining up at the base of the stage and taking all commands from the cadet cadre guides. Cadet candidates then boarded buses to begin in-processing at Thayer Hall. Full story.

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