Cadets Travel to the Nijmegen AreaThe Operation Market-Garden Staff Ride traveled to the Nijmegen area to examine the actions of the 82nd Airborne Division from September 20-26, 1944. Through standing on the terrain and personal vignettes, cadets experienced firsthand the challenges that the 82nd faced when fighting in and around the city of Nijmegen. Through various briefs concerning the fighting for the two bridges in Nijmegen and the Waal Crossing by the 504th PIR, cadets examined the role of terrain, multinational coordination, combined arms, and the presence of senior leaders such as BG James Gavin in these actions. The day ended at the crossroads highlighted in the Band of Brothers episode “Crossroads,” where cadets received a brief on the actions of the 101st Airborne Division after Operation Market-Garden and were able to retrace the attack of CPT Richard Winters and 1st Platoon, E Company against a company of Germans that had infiltrated across the Rhine on October 5, 1944.

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