Hoang '95 Elected to the VVMF BoardFrancis Hoang has been elected to the Board of Directors of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund. Francis (France) Hoang and his family were evacuated from Saigon in April 1975 when he was under two years old, his family settled in Washington state. He served in Afghanistan and was an Associate White House Counsel. He now is a business leader, having been a part of several entrepreneurial ventures. Sharon Bannister, Marty Marks (wife of Spider Marks '76, daughter of BG Richard Tallman '49 (KIA Vietnam) and sister of First Captain Joe Tallman '73), Allen McCabe, and Kim Mitchell have been elected to the board as well.

"We're pleased to add these new Board members," said Board Chairman John Dibble. "They each have strong connections to the Vietnam era and the ongoing mission of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund. The Vietnam War still impacts our country in many ways, affecting families and friends. As volunteer Board members, they are committing their time and talents to insuring current and future generations remember the sacrifices of Vietnam veterans and learn the lessons of that divisive time in our nation's history."

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