Cadets Learn Business and Government Relationship in Vietnam

Cadets Learn Business and Government Relationship in VietnamOn their final day in Vietnam, the Vietnamese Normalization Staff Ride visited Intel Corporation’s manufacturing facility in Ho Chi Minh City to learn about the relationship between the business and the government. Cadets learned about Intel’s commitment to help improve Vietnam and Ho Chi Minh City as they toured the factory. While most of the team was at Intel, two of the Cadets returned to the Old Compass Cafe to interview Dang Thuy Duong about her father's service in the North Vietnamese Air Force, growing up in post-war Vietnam, and the importance of Vietnamese culture and cuisine. In the afternoon, the group traveled to the War Remnants Museum to look at the Vietnamese memory of the American War. Cadets gained new perspectives on the legacy of the Vietnam War before concluding their Academic Individual Advanced Development (AIAD).

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