The Thornwillow Press AIADThe Thornwillow Press Academic Individual Advanced Development (AIAD) was a twelve-day fellowship that took place at the Press in Newburgh, with time spent at USMA and the Mohawk Paper Mills in Cohoes, NY. Cadets first met with COL Harper to take part in a crash course on the “History of the Book,” beginning with the development of script through the production of paper, to the Gutenberg Press, to modern printing practices.

The intent was to separate consideration of the physical object from its abstract content, preparing cadets to appreciate the choices required to produce a fine text. At the Press, the Cadets assisted in the final steps in the production and marketing of an anthology of First World War poetry, Beauty is the Beginning of Terror, begun in coordination with COL Harper’s class and continued by West Point’s Thornwillow Fellows last year. Cadets also worked on design elements for the press’ forthcoming The Great Gatsby, creating designs in Adobe Photoshop that will be turned into engraved plates for the finished text.

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