Cadets Exploring Artificial IntelligenceLTC Cutright took cadets on a trip to explore artificial intelligence, here is what he had to say: “I’m taking six cadets on a trip to explore the capabilities of artificial intelligence in terms of ethical decision-making. The focus will not be on human agents and how they best employ technology, but on the technology itself as the agent. Fostering autonomy in robots seems to require rule-based ethical frameworks expressed as programmable code. Yet, how algorithmic is morality? Cadets will engage with academic, professional, and governmental experts in London and Oxford on questions of robot ethics and the use of autonomous systems in current and future wars. We kicked things off here at West Point with an expert local to the Hudson Valley area, Mr. Jeffrey Ricker of Ricker Lyman Robotic. He engaged the cadets in a great conversation about what is possible (and what isn’t) with artificial intelligence.”

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