Fourteen West Point Cows and Firsties, at Bragg for Cadet Troop Leading Training attended CTLT reception hosted by the West Point Society of Fort Bragg/Sand Hills in mid-July. Society president Mike '79 and Nancy Karaman have been hosting these events for years.

In the words of Jeff Donaldson '69 "these young men and women are not the cream of American youth, then I will eat your BEAT NAVY sweatshirt. They have no observable flaws. They are fit, smart, courteous, and oh-so-confident. They present as masters of all they survey but are respectful to a fault … even paying rapt attention to the odd Old Corps story. They ask us questions, then listen intently to our answers. After speaking with six or eight of them, John Tussing '92 and I looked at each other and agreed there was an interesting issue surfacing. It seems at least half of the youngsters had been told they would be with one branch but, upon arrival, ended up with another. Since the whole CTLT idea (we thought) was to afford cadets experience in their preferred branches, this seemed clearly out of order. Maybe so, but it did not faze the kids a bit. When we asked, the Infantry files just grinned and said, "No, Sir … Quartermaster is fine!" MI … with Field Artillery? "No problem, Sir. Soldiers are Soldiers." Leave it at this: sleep well tonight, America. West Point's classes of '20 and '21 will be securing our future."

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