Smith '15 Competing in the CrossFit GamesCPT Chandler Smith recently placed fifth at the Rogue Invitational, armor officer and member of the Army Warrior Fitness Team has stamped his ticket to the CrossFit Games in Madison, Wisconsin.

"I want to do something at the games that [helps] the Army, and the world, become a better place," he added. "If someone sees my positivity and chooses to reflect that in their daily life -- that is a win."

During high school Smith got into wrestling, his coach, Nage Damas ‘73 was a three-year wrestling letter winner here. Through their interaction, Smith decided to enroll in the academy. "I am the person who is big on discipline," Smith said. "West Point presented the hardest road … and presented the biggest challenge in comparison to the other academies."

At the time the Army was highly involved in Iraq and Afghanistan. Smith believed the Army provided the best opportunity for applied leadership. "Those were conflicts I saw myself in. As an aspiring leader, you want to place yourself at points of friction," he said. Read more.

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