Class of 2023 March BackMarch Back is a special day on the USMA calendar. Not only does it mark the end of summer training and the beginning of Reorganization Week, but it is one of few occasions during the year when the Long Gray Line becomes visibly manifest.

More than 250 Old Grads, representing 46 classes and spanning 62 years (from 1958 through 2019), joined 1,187 new cadets from the Class of 2023 for the final two-mile leg of March Back from the ski slope to the Superintendent’s house. As they moved down Washington Road—platoons of cadets in combat uniforms followed by a large contingent of grads in khaki shorts, black polos, and ballcaps adorned with the USMA crest—it was easy to appreciate the symbolic metaphor that defines all who have endured the trials and celebrated the joys West Point has to offer. “It was the Long Gray Line,” Lieutenant General Darryl Williams ’83, the 60th Superintendent of West Point, told grads at a luncheon following the March Back. “And all of us are linked to it.” Full story.

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