The West Point Society of Annapolis (WPSOA) and members of the Class of 1971 (50-year Affiliation Class) conducted an Affirmation Ceremony for the seven exchange cadets from the Class of 2021 on September 3. The exchange cadets are at the USNA for the Fall semester and were unable to join their class in their Affirmation Ceremony held at West Point.

The ceremony took place at O'Brien's Oyster Bar & Seafood Tavern in Annapolis. WPSOA President Steve Heinecke '77 began the ceremony by explaining the significance of the Affirmation Ceremony. Steve then introduced Frank Kendall '71, former Under Secretary of Defense, who the addressed the assemblage on a variety of topics including military technology, Russian and Chinese threats and the military challenges likely to face the exchange cadets. Mr. Kendall then administered the Oath of Affirmation to the exchange cadets, which was followed by members of the Class of 1971 congratulating the cadets and presenting them with their Commemorative Coins. The assemblage then congratulated the cadets and wished them well.

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