Spieth '85 Publishes Next Book in the Gray Girl Series

Susan Spieth as release the next book in the Gray Girl Series, Fall Out: Courage Always Stands its Ground. She wears a saber, a red sash and the infamous "crass mass of brass and glass," the United States Military Academy ring. The Army/Navy Game, the 100th Night celebrations, spring leave, and the highest of all cadet days, graduation, await Jan Wishart's final year at West Point. It should be the best one in her notable cadet experience. But graduation and commissioning as a Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Army may never happen for Jan. Instead, she might be sent to the Consolidated Brig, for female military convicts.

When a delegation of Russian cadets, the first of its kind, visits West Point, Jan strikes up a friendship with Dimitri Petrov. He's a diplomat's son and a rising star in the Soviet Army. But their relationship takes a dark turn and Jan becomes embroiled in something that will test her stamina, her faith and her friendships, like none before. And like honor, duty and leadership, courage always stands its ground.

The Gray Girl series depicts authentic experiences of the early years when the United States Military Academy first admitted women cadets. Jan Wishart is both heroine and troublemaker. She and her friends sometimes create their own dilemmas but mostly solve the larger issues they face while at West Point. Gray Girl Won two Eric Hoffer book awards. Both Gray Girl and Area Bird are 2015 Kindle Book Award semi-finalists. Area Bird earned a 5-star review and is a Silver Award winner of the 2019 Readers' Favorite Book Award Contest, realistic fiction category. Witch Heart is a Gold Award Winner from Literary Titan Book Review and earned a 5-star review and Honorable Mention from the 2018 Readers' Favorite Book Award Contest, military fiction category. Fall Out is the last book in the series, published on Labor Day, 2019. Available on Amazon.

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