On August 24 the West Point Society of the Tennessee Valley (WPSTV) hosted about 60 society members and guests at the Huntsville Museum of Art to view three art exhibits focused on some key events of the ‘60s in the USA.

1st: Vietnam: The Real War - An exhibition of the best of the Associated Press's photographic art of the Vietnam War.
2nd: Celebrating the ‘60s - An exhibition of the Pop Art and Photo-realism of the '60s featuring Andy Warhol and Richard Estes
3rd: Peace, Love, Rock and Roll: Woodstock - A photo exhibition of the Woodstock Music Festival of 1969 in three galleries.

Attendees toured the exhibits and enjoyed heavy hors d’oeuvres by Narvell during the 6 - 9 pm event. All in attendance enjoyed the evening which has become a yearly society event.

Photo: Ann Crawford (wife of Bill Crawford '80), Macy Brown '67 with wife Laura and Lisa Johnson '93 touring the Vietnam War exhibit

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