Several members of the West Point Society of the Mid-South and their guests, including a few family members, ventured to northern Mississippi at the private range of a retired Special Forces officer to enjoy West Point camaraderie and hone weapons handling skills. This first-ever Society range firing event featured a two-hundred-yard forested range for discharging an arsenal of personal weapons as well as opportunities for participants to fire the host’s 1750-era muzzle loaded rifle and learn to throw a tomahawk.

The experience not only re-ignited the “warrior spirit”, but it also rekindled friendships through commonly shared respect for each other, for West Point, and for basic Soldiering skills. The firing line sent a lot of hot metal down range…generally into the targets! Most everyone left with sore shoulders, new tales about how the targets had become so much “smaller” over the years, and a new appreciation for what Continental Soldiers had to contend with to win our Nation’s first war. This unique event was made possible through the leadership of COL (R) Charlie Smithers ’79, and the coordination of a Friend of West Point LTC (R) Rick Clausi with his friend and owner of the range Brad Randall.

Grads in the Photo: front row: (last two on the right) Seth Palmer ’04, and Charlie Smithers ’79; back row: (first three on left) Tom Hood ’86; Rob Williamson ’73; and Dr. John Brophy ’79

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