Aviation Getting Some Flight Time InThe Aviation team conducted some excellent practice on a dreary day recently. Cadets Galen Quiros '20 CIC and John Bass '21 ACIC managed numerous practice power-off and power-on precision competition landings. Cadet Matt Moran '23 finished his training and was signed off as a full-fledged flying team member, congratulations! CDTs Kaelynn Mayes '20, William Pickell '21, and Alex Wolf '23 worked on simulator practice in the 2nd AV Redbird flight simulator. The following weekend trained with some more accompanying weather. CIC Cadet Galen Quiros '20 and Cadet Van Moreau '20 flew a leader's recon to New Bedford, MA while Firsties Kaelynn Mayes and Angie Marsh flew practice competition landings. New team members Cadet Wesley Phelan '23 and Alex Wolf '23 continued their flight training progression toward becoming full-fledged team members.

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