Voelz '92 Releases "War under the Mango Tree"Glenn Voelz has released the novel War under the Mango Tree, a darkly painted satire of war, money, and corruption on the far-flung reaches of Pax Americana. At a remote military camp in Africa, American soldiers wage a high-tech manhunt against a notorious warlord. As the quixotic campaign unfolds, a cast of glory-seeking generals, rapacious mercenaries, and corrupt officials are all determined to get him, though each for different reasons. Meanwhile, a hapless band of compatriots, pawns in a mysterious shadow war, race to discover the truth about their target before it's too late.

David Edlund, USA Today bestselling author of Guarding Savage, calls it "a thoroughly entertaining lampoon of the US military machine...Not since Catch 22 has a novel this brilliant come along." Available now at Amazon.

The sequel, Operation Hermes, will be published in 2020.

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