WPS of Fort Bragg – Sand Hills Monthy DinnerThe West Point Society of Fort Bragg – Sand Hills met tonight for their monthly First Monday dinner at Logan's Steak House in Fayetteville, NC. Society president Mike Karaman '79, opened proceedings with his usual warm welcome to a reinforced platoon of grads, parents of cadets, and FOWPs (Friends of West Point). With Army football on everyone's mind, Mike did a credible job presenting what he had researched about key injuries, Army's routine, heroic "no-quit-in-us" performance… and pointing out that, yes, we'll be bowl eligible if we run the table; but, more importantly, the season will be a booming success because we will have beaten Navy! He also announced the 12/14 Beat Navy Watch Party at The Tap House, Jon Gerold's '91 and Doug Kim's '94 now-famous downtown bar and grill. Founder's Day planning starts in December, so Mike encouraged folks to contact Bob Spier '79 and offer help. Effective now, sign-ups for all events will be via their new, high-speed/low-drag SallyPort portal. A good time was, yet again, had by all.

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