On Monday, November 11 Loudoun County High School dedicated its NJROTC annex to the memory of Captain James F. Adamouski as part of the 10th anniversary of this program. Army Captain James F. “Jimmy” Adamouski was killed in a helicopter crash in Iraq on April 2, 2003. He was 29, and the first West Point graduate to die in Iraq during the Global War on Terror.

Adamouski, who planned to enter Harvard Business School was killed when the Black Hawk helicopter he was piloting crashed in central Iraq. Because of his Harvard acceptance, Adamouski—an officer of the Second Battalion Third Aviation Regiment of the Third Infantry Division—had not been required to deploy with his unit but chose to deploy and lead his soldiers in defense of his country and, ultimately, fly his final mission.

With the assistance of his West Point Class of 1995 classmates (Eric Pavlick, Paul Maggiano, Jim Kotwis, Craig Wilhelm, Chris Dodd, and Jeff Raines have been instrumental), the Loudoun County school board in Leesburg, VA voted unanimously for his name to be placed on the NJROTC building at the Loudoun HS in Leesburg. Many classmates attended the ceremony and among the speakers was General (Retired) Richard A. Cody ’72, and Lieutenant General (Retired) Ray Palumbo ’81. View photos.

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