Branch Night for the Class of 2020There was something in the air at West Point last night, and it wasn’t the cold arctic blast that is shattering low temperature records from the Plains states to the Northeast. It was a swell of excitement mixed with a tinge of anxiety.

“It began at our command meeting on Sunday,” said CDT Mischa Turner ’20. “There were a lot more smiles than usual, and that’s how I could tell everybody was feeling it.”

“It” is Branch Night, the night on which firsties learn the Army branch in which they will be serving for at least the next five years. For many cadets, Branch Night ranks second only to Graduation as the most momentous event in the 47-month experience.

“It is finally our time,” said CDT Mary Kate Beachler ’20. “This is the first time we will have an answer as to what to expect in the near future, the first time we can start to really appreciate what comes after West Point.” Full story.

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