Women’s Handball Perfect at PennThe West Point Women’s Handball team competed in a scrimmage tournament at Penn State the recently. Three years ago, West Point travelled to Penn State to help them start up a program, now Penn State has two full teams and are tough competition at College Nationals. Both West Point Black and West Point Gold played incredibly well. West Point Black went 3-0 against Penn State Blue, winning 18-16, 19-17 and 22-15. West Point Gold also went 3-0 against Penn State White, winning 13-3, 14-5 and 18-3.

The scrimmages gave both teams more practice time and allowed a look at the competition before the official college games and College Nationals in the Spring. Of note, Cadet Chloe Schretzman ’22 and Cadet Adrianna Biederman ’21 stepped up to play the circle position since Black’s starting circle couldn’t be there. Black adjusted well to the change and the games were exciting to watch. This tournament was also intended to assist Penn State in learning how to host a tournament in hopes that they will host College Nationals in the future. The wins are a promising sign for games later this semester and into College Nationals in the spring.

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