Army-Navy Uniform to Honor the Soldiers of the 1st Cavalry Division

Army-Navy Uniform to Honor the Soldiers of the 1st Cavalry DivisionThe 2019 Army-Navy Uniform tells the story of the soldiers of the 1st Cavalry Division and the birth of airmobility during the Vietnam War. The division is unique in that throughout its existence, the Division has served as a Cavalry Division, an Infantry Division, an Air Assault Division and an Armored Division. Get your 1st Cav Gear here, now!

We honor the past by re-telling the story of the “First Team!” A story of valor, courage, and sacrifice. Inspired, humbled, and motivated by the soldiers that came before us, we don their patches, adopt their mottos, and hold their deeds close to our hearts.

The Tactical Mobility Requirements Board, which became known as “Howze Board” after its chairmen Hamilton H. Howze (USMA 1930), was created at the direct request of Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara to review and test new concepts integrating helicopters into the United States Army in light of looming conflicts like Vietnam. What became known as airmobility within the United States Army was a direct result of the Howze Board's findings.

Howze’s connections to West Point are deeply rooted. He and his brother, Major General Robert Lee Howze Jr. (USMA 1925), were both born at West Point while their father was serving as the Commandant of Cadets in 1908. The Army Football team’s practice field is named in honor of their father, Major General Robert Lee Howze (USMA 1888). Hamilton and his father are buried next to each other at the West Point Cemetery. Read more.

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