Hebrew Clubs from 12 Schools Meet at West PointLast month over 68 Jewish Cadets and Midshipmen from 12 different schools including West Point, the Naval Academy, the Air Force Academy, Texas A&M, Coast Guard Academy, Merchant Marine Academy, VMI, Norwich, and a variety of other ROTC detachments came together at West Point.

The first day’s activities included participants enjoying meals in the Cadet Mess Hall, staying overnight in the Cadet barracks, a tour of USMA, class breakout sessions, a Lay Leader panel discussion, a guest speaker session with USMA Dean, BG Cindy Jebb.

Saturday consisted of sharing in all the festivities of a football Saturday which included a group breakfast at the Jewish Chapel, attending the parade, going to the tailgate sponsored by Scott Lichtenberg, and experiencing an Army football game. The group then traveled to New York City for camaraderie and team building.

The weekend concluded with a Sunday morning brunch held at the Fort Hamilton Club where participants enjoyed one last opportunity to spend time as a group together.

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