CDT Lindy Mooradian Named Marshall ScholarCongratulations to West Point’s newest Marshall Scholar CDT Lindy Mooradian. Hailing from Hanover, PA, CDT Mooradian is a Mechanical Engineering major with biomechanical and pre-medical tracks. She has published blood rheology research and completed a research internship with the Department of Biomechanics at the Hospital for Special Surgery.

Over the next two years, Lindy will pursue an MPhil in Biotechnology at the University of Cambridge and an MSc in Science and Technology in Society at the University of Edinburgh. Branching Military Intelligence, she hopes to address biosecurity and biowarfare threats to address the rapidly advancing field of biotechnology.

A Google Cloud NCAA Division I Track Academic All-American, Lindy spends much of her time outside the classroom leading the Women’s Track and Field team as a Team Captain and serving as the Brigade Academic Officer.

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