Mountaineering Club at the Shawangunk RidgeThe Mountaineering Club experienced surprisingly excellent weather this late in the season at the Shawangunk Ridge. The rock was a little chilly, but the sun was shining and there was no cold breeze to be found.

There was a smaller group of climbers on this trip section with 3 ORs. This was a perfect day to get comfortable working on harder outdoor routes for the team. Cadets Justin Budan '21, Maxwell Buchanan '21, Hope Matthews '23, Shane Hickman '23, and Deanna Edgar '20 worked to hit some pretty tough outdoor top rope climbs.

Exchange cadets, Justin Budan '21 and Maxwell Buchanan '21, hit some good lead climbs as well. Deanna Edgar, representing the Firstie class, found her favorite climb in the "gunks" thanks to Mr. Moffat.

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