Persian Forum Attends Persian Pop Music ConcertThe Persian Forum of the Foreign Languages Club attended a Persian pop music concert in Flushing, NY. Cadets had dinner at the Bakhtar Afghan Restaurant prior to the show.

At the show the cadets not only enjoyed the music, but also had the chance to practice their Persian skills with the concert attendees and learned invaluable lessons about contemporary Iranian culture and politics from these interactions. Cadets gave an excellent account of themselves and represented the Academy and the Army well.

The artist, Googoosh sometimes compared to Beyounce, was the biggest pop music and acting star in 1970s Iran. Following the 1979 Islamic Revolution she spent over twenty years under house arrest during which time no one heard from her, until 2001 when she managed to escape to Canada.

In the interlude between the nostalgic songs she sang, she spoke about her experiences in Iran before and after the revolution, and her appreciation of living in the free world now.

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