COL Morgan ’98 Swears in Recruits in First-Ever Ceremony from Space

COL Morgan ’98 Swears in Recruits in First-Ever Ceremony from SpaceAn Army astronaut swore in nearly 1,000 recruits from space Wednesday as part of the first nationwide Oath of Enlistment ceremony from the International Space Station.

Col. Andrew Morgan, who has been at the station since July, administered the oath to future Soldiers located in over 150 locations across the country.

Morgan arrived at the space station on July 20 -- the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. So far in his nine-month mission, he has conducted seven spacewalks, the first of which in August lasted over six and a half hours.

The Ranger-tabbed doctor with several years of experience in the Special Forces also said he expects to conduct nearly 300 different science experiments while on board with his crew.

Before the oath, Morgan told the recruits that although he now serves as an astronaut 250 miles above Earth, he once recited the same oath to become a Soldier.

"I made the decision when I was 18 years old to raise my right hand just like you're about to," he said. "I am still a Soldier. I'm just serving in space on the ultimate high ground. Read more.

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